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Air Conditioning Resources and FAQs

Region Energy provides a wide range of articles and how-to guides focused on home air conditioning units, maintenance, and repairs. We cover everything from basic guides on terminology and how AC units operate, to more complex articles that will show you DIY repair tips and how to identify and diagnose more severe issues with your home cooling system. It is essential to stay informed when it comes to all of the appliances and comfort units in your home, so we’ve made it easy to find the information you’re looking for should any problems arise. Staying on top of your own home maintenance can save you an incredible amount of time and money.

Chill out about energy costs and save this summer!

As your year-round, total home comfort provider, we can help you make the sma... Read full story ›

What AC repair company is best for you?

Be smart before deciding which company is best to handle all your central or ... Read full story ›

Ductless Mini Split Systems or Window AC Units – Which is better for you?

If you live in a home or a rental property that can’t handle ductwork for a c... Read full story ›

How Can You Tell If You Need an AC Tune Up?

Generally, you need an AC tune-up once every year to keep your system running... Read full story ›

Popular air conditioning options infographic

It's a fact, we need air conditioning to stay cool during the summer. But whi... Read full story ›

R22 (Refrigerant) Replacement

R22 is a refrigerant used in most air conditioning systems installed before 2... Read full story ›

What is a ductless, mini-split AC system?

Just like a regular central AC system, ductless mini-split AC systems place t... Read full story ›

What are the Best AC System Options for your Home? Here’s a Side-by-Side Comparison

As summer approaches and humidity levels start to climb, it’s easy to see (an... Read full story ›

Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System

Just like any piece of equipment, even with regular maintenance your central ... Read full story ›

You need to replace the refrigerant in your AC system. We can help!

AC systems that use R22 refrigerant were made until 2010 and millions are sti... Read full story ›

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