What is a ductless, mini-split AC system?

Hand holding remote pointing at ductless AC unitJust like a regular central AC system, ductless mini-split AC systems place the noisy compressor and condenser outside of your home. Ductless AC systems have some major benefits, like eliminating the need for bulky ductwork (instead using thin copper tubing to pump refrigerant directly to wall mounted blowers), and the system doesn’t require a basement or attic evaporator unit. And unlike central AC systems, duct-less systems work in reverse during winter, absorbing heat from the air outside and circulating it throughout your home. Plus, ductless AC systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit even difficult spaces.

Ductless AC system

Ductless mini-split AC system benefits:

  • No expenses or hassles that come with ductwork installation
  • Smaller and less expensive than central AC
  • Virtually silent – quieter than window units or central AC systems
  • One outdoor condenser can connect to multiple units indoors, each with a programmable remote for individual control
  • Functions as heating unit in winter months
  • Energy-efficient benefits year-round for lower energy costs
  • Easy installation
  • Piping can be routed through walls – no bulky units inside the home or hanging in the window
  • Remote controls allow temperature control in individual rooms
  • Green friendly – refrigerant is designed to be environmentally friendly

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