The history of Region Energy.


Founded in 1940 to provide home heating oil services for many coal converted NJ homes during the '40s and '50s, Region Energy has grown to develop a leading reputation in providing a range of premier home comfort services to our neighbors throughout communities in northwestern NJ.

For over 70 years, Region Energy is still recognized as a premier home comfort services company in Morris, Sussex and Warren Counties. Through changing and challenging economic times, and various oil crises over the years, Region Energy has never run out of oil, which means our customers won't either.

Region Energy continues to grow, adapt and thrive to meet and exceed the home comfort needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in being local leaders in our industry, with professional services that are all designed with you in mind. It is this, and our local, home town community spirit, that other oil companies have difficulty matching. That's what makes us the first choice for all of your home comfort needs.

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