Moving checklist.

Family moving into new homeLet’s make moving less stressful.

As your complete home services partner, Region Energy can cut the stress out of moving.

Relocating to one of our service areas in the mid-Atlantic or the Northeast United States? You can count on Region Energy to have your back.

Moving with Region Energy.

Are you moving within Region Energy’s service area? If so, we understand your new neighborhood’s home heating needs better than anyone else.

Whether heated with oil or gas, we can make your new home warm and welcoming before you walk in the door.

Region Energy can prepare your old home.

We can ensure your inspections and other aspects of the moving process are all in order:

  • Let Us Know When You’ve Found a Buyer - Region Energy will make sure there’s no service interruption for your buyers.
  • Earn Rewards by Referring Your Buyers to Us - Enjoy a $100 service credit when your buyers sign up with Region Energy.
  • Schedule Your Inspection - Contact us to service all your heating equipment for upcoming inspections.

Give your home buyer appeal.

Real estate agents understand that a fully serviced and up-to-date heating system could generate more attraction to homebuyers. If your old home’s heating system is near or over 20 years old, a new heating system could save buyers up to 30 percent in utility costs.

Moving checklist.

If you are moving, contact us today with the following:

  • Move date
  • Close date
  • Name of buyer
  • Name of real estate agent
  • Additional contact information
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