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What equipment financing plans are available?

We have great financing options for the latest, energy-efficient home heating and air conditioning home equipment installations - including $0 down for qualified customers. Contact us anytime and a customer service representative will be able to explain the best plan and qualifications required to best suit your needs.

What are the terms of your equipment warranties?

We offer a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, after which time you revert to the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturer's warranties vary, some can be as long as a lifetime warranty but it is best to always check with the equipment manufacturer.

What should I look for in a home comfort system?

It varies depending on furnace, boiler or air conditioning system and the size and layout of your home. Of course, it should always keep your house and humidity level at a comfortable temperature, winter or summer. It is also smart to make sure that your system has the highest energy efficiency level to help you save on energy costs and help the environment. Boiler efficiency and comfort mirrors furnace description, minus humidity level. You can find out more about energy-efficient equipment and learn about systems that may be best for your home here .

What brands of equipment do you sell?

Our industry partner, Burnham is one of the leading boiler and heating system manufacturers. We offer a full range of Burnham equipment to suit your home heating and comfort needs. Bryant is our leading partner for air conditioning equipment. However, we also offer equipment from other leading manufacturers to fit your needs and budget. Contact us for more information.

What is an HVAC system?

HVAC is popular and common acronym for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Some technicians and others who are familiar with the home comfort services industry and written communication about it may use this when referencing heating or air conditioning equipment.

Will HVAC system cleaning reduce my home energy bills?

Yes. Preventive maintenance is one of the smartest ways to ensure that your heating or cooling system runs at peak efficiency. Even if you don't have the latest or new equipment, making sure that any system is clean, tuned-up and running more efficiently will reduce your energy costs. It's best to have coils cleaned for proper air flow for heating and cooling on a regular basis.

How often should an HVAC system be cleaned?

Annually. To avoid any problems during the hottest or coldest times of year, it's always best to schedule your air conditioning system tune-up in the spring, before you're using your system on a daily basis. Similarly, it's best to schedule your heating system tune-up or cleaning in the fall, before winter sets and you need to use your heating system daily.

Do you service all equipment you install?

Yes. We have a range of service plans for home heating oil, gas, propane and air conditioning systems.* You can find out more about them here or by contacting us today.

*Some services may not be available in all areas. Contact us for details.

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