How to choose the best propane supplier.


If you need to choose a propane company to supply and service your home’s heating needs, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Which supplier has the greatest value
  • Whether they have a dedicated local service team for whenever you need them
  • What they charge to use their service
  • If they have a reputation of exceptional technical and customer service
  • If they have proper licenses, registrations, and insurance
  • If their delivery options work for you
  • If they can manage all of your propane needs

Finding a propane provider that checks all these boxes is not an easy task. Doing proper research could pay for itself with money and peace of mind, which is why we at Region Energy have put together this guide to help you make the right choice.

Read below our breakdown of the most important considerations when choosing a propane supplier.

What products and services do they offer?

Propane suppliers will most often offer similar products and services. But, you’ll want to make sure the company you choose offers both at a great value.


  • Delivery and pick-up of propane and propane equipment
  • Emergency response and repair
  • indoor and outdoor installation of appliances and equipment
  • Sale and rental of storage tanks and other equipment


  • High-quality propane
  • Equipment for home heating systems
  • Equipment for hot water heating systems
  • Backup power equipment such as generators

Delivery services.

Most all propane companies offer two types of delivery service:

Automatic delivery - This is an option for those who regularly use propane or are high-volume users.

As-needed delivery - This option is for those who generally do not use a lot of propane, or do not use propane regularly.

NOTE: Most all propane companies require contracts for service. It is crucial to intimately understand the terms of any contract. You’ll also want to make sure customer service staff can clearly explain any contract terms.

Charges and pricing.

While one service might offer very inexpensive service, are you receiving all the services needed to have peace of mind and coverage in case of an emergency?

Finding a balance between good price and excellent service requires research. Many propane suppliers will also offer payment plans to make their services more affordable — make sure to ask your potential supplier if they offer payment plans that fit into your monthly budget.

Questions about charges and pricing.

Propane companies build their pricing from various charges. Here’s a list of the most common charges customers pay and questions to ask about services and delivery:

  • Installation fees for storage tanks - “Do you charge to install storage tanks? If so, what are the monthly renting or leasing fees if I do not have my own tank?”
  • Minimum monthly purchases - “Do you require a minimum monthly purchase, or do I only pay for the propane I need?”
  • Fees for delivering propane - “Do you charge fees to deliver your propane to my home? Are there fees for transporting fuel? Do you charge by the gallon?”
  • Disconnection charges - “Do you charge to disconnect propane services and for tank pickup?”
  • Early termination fees - “Do you charge if I decide to terminate my propane services contract before it ends?”

Experience, certification, and safety.

Your propane supplier should be up to date on all certifications, licenses, and insurance in your state before ever stepping foot on your property.

Here are the most important things to find out about your next propane supplier:

  • Are they certified? - Technicians, suppliers, and drivers should all be nationally certified — if they are not, it’s important to ask why.
  • Are they registered and insured? - All parts of the propane service chain must be registered with the Department of State and insured in your state — if they are not, make sure to ask why.
  • Do they have a good reputation? - The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great resource to see how your potential propane supplier deals with customer complaints.

You can also see customer testimonials on the company’s website. If you see negative reviews from customers on the company’s website, they might not be a good fit for your needs.

Around-the-clock service.

Every propane supplier should be staffed and ready for a service call 24/7, rain or shine.

Customer service and technician staff should be prepared at all times to take your call and manage any issues you may have. Here are several crucial considerations to take into account with your next propane supplier:

24/7 customer support - If you call your propane supplier, will you speak to a customer service representative, or will you have to navigate telephone menus?

Emergency services - Are there customer service representatives and technicians ready to handle any issues outside of standard operating hours? Also, are they available for Federally-recognized holidays?

Additionally, you’ll want to know if there are any service limitations for issues like leaks, repairs, and services for heating, hot water, and generator systems 24/7.

Wrapping it all up.

Doing your research on your potential propane supplier will save you money and peace of mind.

Region Energy is your propane supplier that checks all the boxes — contact us today to find out about how we deliver value and service excellence for all your home heating needs.

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